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Honey investment

Rumour has it even Gods were charging their batteries by drinking nectar, this magnificent aliment would complement their immortality. I suppose they were referring to honey since it's the flower's nectar in a liquid golden shape. So obviously, if you want to feel like a God, all you have to do is buy Romanian honey. The quality of Romanian honey is so good that even the biggest exporter of honey in the world imports it!

There is no doubt that consuming honey products help maintain/ improve your health. Even from the oldest times, honey was used as a natural treatment to kill bacteria. What you might not know is that Romania is producing one of the best honey products. Honeycombs, pollen and numerous types of honey, made from different types of flowers, are easy to find around Bucharest. Basically you can go to any public market and you will find a beekeeper selling his products. This makes the shopping experience even lovelier since you buy directly from the producer, and they always talk with a well-deserved passion about the products they are selling and all of their benefits.

For all the nonbelievers in the miracles of honey I have this amazing scientific video prepared, so geeks and geek wannabes, this is your chance to learn more about chemical compounds of honey and how come it's such a miraculous gift of nature!

Check this out:

Sugar, sugar, sugar! But healthy one, nice trick, courtesy of the actual Queen Bee. All the buzz is not for nothing, so my advice to all the visitors of Bucharest would be to go looking for those golden jars. It is the simplest way of bringing one high quality product back home with you. Just a sweet surprise for the sweet ones back home.

If you take a better look at nature and see which animals, brave enough to go on the pursuit of honey, have been branded with this honorific name, you might have a funny surprise. Introducing Honey Badger, you might know him from memes all over internet as the coolest animal on earth. In no connection to Romania or Bucharest I felt the need to mention this amazing animal in regards to the power of honey.

Think he might be cute and cuddly? Never seen a honey badger before? The most bad-ass animal on earth? Well here you go:

Have your healthy spoon of honey in your diet and grow your honey badger attitude!



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