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ROM - the essence of RoMania

There is no mania like Romania and Rom is here to prove it.

Sounds like a big statement for a small chocolate bar, but no worries, "strong essences are kept in small bottles" locals might say. The brave statement fits Rom perfectly, and it's backed up by alcoholic rum flavor and constant efforts to keep up with everyday, crazy Romanian reality. The noble efforts are embodied in creative advertising campaigns, under the famous slogan: "Strong Romanian thrills". The curious chocolate brand started to explore issues that locals face, or have faced, and twist them into funny and relatable success stories. A simple piece of chocolate, invented back in the 60s, during communism, had to reinvent itself as many times as this country has, in order to keep up with extreme changes in the Romanian mentality.

In fact Rom contributes a lot in creating and consolidating a national elevated sentiment that was deeply battered in recent history. There are several examples of truly inspired campaigns, some genius ideas, that have marked the history of Romanian culture and identity. I'll make a random top 5, best of Rom, showing why Rom has become the essence of Romania:

1. American Rom

Or how to awaken nationalism in a numb society, in two efficient steps. The video exlpains it all:

2. Bucharest not Budapest

One of the most common confusions of travellers that arrive in eastern Europe, resolved:

3. Romanians are smart

Many might argue against this proud statement, but Google knows best, right? See how to convince the internet of how smart you are:

4. Rombot

Since technology is such a well developed sector in Romania, it makes perfect sense that this country is the first to have invented a virtual ambassador!

*Rombot official webpage is currently offline, as the campaign expired

5. Tricolor only

Another packaging trick was pulled of this year, for the anniversary of the centenary. 1st of December is the national holiday in Romania and 2018 is exactly 100 years apart from the Great Union. Perfect reason to leave the flag bare "naked".

Apart from the new packaging, Rom prepared another surprise for everyone in Bucharest, curious to learn a bit more about the symbol of the flag and what it means to locals. A pop-up exhibition called Flag museum is open until 22.00 today, at Universul Palace, Mezanin area

The journey of Rom grew at the same pace with the 100 year young Romania. Advertising has been a good partner, speeaking the same "language" packed in humor and irony and shaping clear and nationalist messages for the locals. So, if you enjoyed the essence of Romania, try it in dark chocolate shape, with rum filling. But if the authentic recepy is too bitter for your taste and doesn't tackle your favorite flavors, no worries, there is a large variety in the world of Rom today. All sorts of derived products are now available from Rom icecream, to rum flavored caramels, rum filled biscuits or brownies.

So whenever you visit the country, be aware of the sweet souvenir you can get and enjoy it with the full cultural package attached, it's a small sweet piece of history after all. Cheers to Rom, cheers to Romania! :)


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