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Bucharest Christmas Markets 2018

3 days left till Christmas!

It's the most wonderful time of the year again. December always brings the colorful cheerful setting to highlight the winter holidays. But this year, Bucharest went the extra mile, or more accurately - the extra square meters - by covering 2 main squares in Christmas fairs.

Hosting two main christmas markets can be a great joy for christmas lovers, but also a big confusion source for those new to the scenery. In order to clear up all confusion, you'll find here a brief summery of the most importnat things you'll find in each market. Both markets have the same free entrance policy and an accesible daily schedule, from 10 am to 10 pm.

Located in the heart of the city, very close to km 0, University Square is placed on top of a large parking lot, facing the National University, right at "Piata Universitatii" metro station. Here you´ll find a hip scenery, centered by a wonderful wooden christmas tree, decorated with matching wooden globes. At night, the facades of the buildings around the square are lit up by colorful projections with christmas motives. It´s a place with an obvious modern touch, especially compared to other christmas markets you might have visited. There isn´t much shopping to do around, only 5 shops selling hand-made articles, mainly Christmas decotarions and gift ideas.

The food options here are quite exotic for a Christmas Market, apart from the muled wine booths there are some specialty coffee options and different tastes of food, ranging from seafood to burgers. There is also a big tent where events happen, concerts and workshops for kids every day befre Christmas.

This Christmas market will be open until the 28th of December, check it out in pictures:

This market is considered the central one, the largest and busiest option in Bucharest. Located right in front of Ceausescu's People's Palace, it is covering an entire square that's oftently used for big concerts (ACDC, Depeche Mode etc.). This market offers a big variety of classical Christmas experiences: kids can meet Santa at Santa's house, there is a free carousel for Kids, open every day from 16.00 and an ice skating rink. There is a large variety of local products to shop, from traditional costumes to handmade items, dolls and local food.

The smoking grills are welcoming you with the smell and the music is always loud, sometimes people gather and dance in horas around the stage, which makes the market feel like a big party. There are concerts every evening and if you're looking for the brochure with the map and schedule of the fair you can find it at any of the two info points at the lateral entrances.

This Christmas market is open until the 26th of December, check it out:

Hope you'll enjoy exploring them live. In case you plan to visit both of them in one day, you should know that they are only about 15 minutes away from eachother, walking distance. So go see them for yourself if you're around!

Have a wonferful Christmas, wherever you are!

Warm greetings from Bucharest!



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