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Bucharest Weekend Vibes: 8 - 10 November

The sun is still shining over the City of Joy and autumn wants to keep us warm for a bit longer. This weekend brings some cheerful daytime activities and nice indoor options for the colder evenings.

Make sure to check both sections of the article and discover the best events to attend over the following days: the first section is highlighting festivals and ongoing events happening throughout the weekend and the second one is showing independent events for each day.

Pick and choose your favorite combination and most importantly: enjoy the weekend!

Main events happening all through the weekend:

"Haiducilor" Festival

A festival for foodies, organized in the National Park over the weekend, Friday to Sunday from 10 AM to 10 PM, will welcome you with a party of best dishes, live folk music and handcrafted souvenirs.

You will get the chance to eat like an outlaw living in Romanian forests. The gastronomic show will be completed by the outlaw's meat pie and the venison sausage, which will reach a record size: 100 meters. The chefs will perfectly combine the taste of game meat with autumn spices.

Folk craftsmen will join to the festival, with the most beautiful gifts and handmade souvenirs, and for the kids an amusement park will be avialable. Admission is free

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11th edition of Old Music Week

The new edition of old music opens its official schedule at 13.00 to 21.00 each day from Friday to Sunday at the Student Culture House. A different band will be playing on each day, as follows:

- Nicolae Szekely, Hunedoara - recital of old music on the piano and many medieval and Renaissance instruments - November 8 - Sample Theatre, Lecce, Italy - old music from southern Italy - November 9 - Truverii, old music gathered from Europe - November 10


An event organized by the Student Culture House in Bucharest, CONCRET Cultural Artistic Youth Society and the Truverii Group, in partnership with the Bucharest Youth Foundation

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Urban Eye Film Festival

The film festival will be running over the weekend in 2 partner locations: Cinema Elvira Popesco and Arcub Gaborveni.

In the foreground of this year's edition are nature and the city. Most films address different facets of how the urban environment and nature are mutually influenced. In addition, films about significant contemporary architects, artists who use nature in their works or buildings representative of the socialist era will be seen.

Find the full schedule and get online tickets here.

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Independent events for Friday, Saturday and Sunday:

FRIDAY - 8 November

18.00 - 21.00 Open for Play at theplaygrownd (address)

A new place in town welcomes all who feel the need for play but miss a starting point. Prosecco and cookies will be served at the new dance / yoga studio / performing arts venue where find the joy of playing again through passions.

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19.00 - 21.00 Chopin-Dvorak at the National Radio Orchestra (address)

Enjoy a concert of the National Radio Orchestra in collaboration with the Polish Institute, the Polish soloist Beata Bilinska will play the piano. Last available tickets cost 20 lei, get them here

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SATURDAY - 9 November

12.00 - 14.00 History of Romanian contemporary art at MNAC (address) If you are interested to find out which are the main mediums for Romanian contemporary art, as well as experiment with them yourself, join a four-class art module made of worshops for kids and grown-ups. Access: 30 lei per person / workshop, more details in FB event:

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21.00 - 02.00 African Night Fever at J'ai Bistrot (address)

Dance the night to African rhythms, dress in your most matchy outfit and enjoy the musical part which will be provided by Ionut Manta. After living for a while in Africa, he got a taste of music there and comes to J'ai to share some African goodies. Free access

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SUNDAY - 10 November