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Bucharest Weekend Vibes: 25 - 27 October

Since the month of October is slowly coming to an end, spookiness takes over the city in anticipation of Halloween, pumpkins start to smile back at you and the warm autumn colors only warm you up some hours before sunset, fighting foggy mornings.

Make sure to check both sections of the article and discover the best events to attend over the following days: the first section is highlighting festivals and ongoing events happening throughout the weekend and the second one is showing independent events for each day.

Pick and choose your favorite combination and most importantly: enjoy the weekend!

Main events happening all through the weekend:

Bucharest Pumpkin Festival

PumpkinFest is the first festival dedicated to personalized pumpkins and takes place in Bucharest this weekend, from 10.00 to 21.00, in Herastrau - Charles de Gaulle entrance.

During the event 30.000 pumpkins will be personalized and they will form the largest pumpkin wall in Europe, what a sight before Halloween! Each evening the pumpkins will be lit up by candles thus creating a unique show. The festival provides music, live cooking, children's workshops, autumn fair with pumpkin cakes, ice cream, pie and many other traditional seasonal goodies, and a BIO area with products from certified farms in Romania.

Free entrance - a kit for personalizing your own pumpkin will cost 30 lei.

Prime Time by Obie Platon

Sneak into the former US Embassy to admire a fascinating exhibition of spray-can paintings by local street artist Obie Platon.

It's a great opportunity to admire art and decay in different forms: on the canvas, painted by the inspired local artist, and on the walls of the 19th century palace, former Neo-Renaissance home of a wealthy banker which became headquarters of the US Embassy from WW2 to 2011.

"Popular imagery and today’s tech influenced visual culture, social beliefs and human behavior in relation to contemporary contexts, the way we see and perceive others and the world around us, inspire Obie Platon to reflect the contrasts, particularities and tensions defining a fabricated reality that he aims to disclose."

The event goes on until Tuesday, 18.00 - 23.00! ;) Free access.

Craft & Arts - Craft Beer Weekend

Celebrate amazing Romanian craft beer (and arts) this Saturday and Sunday at Grivita Beer Factory. They are hosting a party for all craft beer lovers including beer, cider, coffee, street food and great vinyls. Try out freshly launched types of beer and mingle with other beer lovers. Let them know if you want to set-up your own vintage shop in their yard, seems like anything is possible when beer is involved! Time of event: 26th October 15:00 - 23:00 27th October 14:00 - 22:00

More details in the Facebook event - description also in English.

Independent events for Friday, Saturday and Sunday:

FRIDAY - 25 October

19.00 - 22.00 Royal Charity Concert at the Romanian Athenaeum (address)

Enjoyan evening with tenor Teodor Ilincai and soprano Cellia Costea, accompanied by the Romanian Youth Orchestra and conducted by Gabriel Bebeselea. The event will take place in the presence of the Royal Family of Romania. Tickets here, from 200 lei.

20.00 - 08.00 Secret Garden Equilibrium Party at Bragadiru Palace (address)

Dance your way into Equilibrium in the Secret Garden and discover Bragadiru Palace, a 1900s historical building downtown Bucharest. The event will take place in the garden and indoor. Get online tickets here, at the door: 60 lei before 00.00, 80 lei after 00.00

SATURDAY - 26 October

11.30 - 12.30 Japanese Masks Workshop at Carturesti Verona (address)

Although originally a Celtic holiday, Halloween has grown a lot in recent years in Japan, so you can explore the fantasy world of favorite characters. Personalize your own mask for this holiday in Japanese style. Participation fee is 50 lei, registration: or +40732003051

22.00 Real Halloween Party by Gaia at the House of Free Press (address)

Join a set-up that will teleport you to other realms and a vibe that will turn your fear into fun at Gaia Boutique Club's party inside the spooky leninist House of Free Press. Mandatory dress code: Mask, costume or make-up. Entrance fee: 35 lei

SUNDAY - 27 October

11.00 - 20.00 "Materia" Leather Fair at the Telephone Palace (address)

The Leather Design Fair invites you to a boutique edition with a careful curated selection of Romanian designers. You'll also have coffee, prosecco and snacks provided by premium local producers. Tickets: 15 lei, available at the entrance or online with discount for groups - the fair is open on Saturday as well.

16.00 - 23.30 Le Grand Brunch - Episode 1 at Dragomir Niculescu (address)

Attend a fancy brunch down Victory Avenue at a recently reopened deli, dating back to 1989. Try the brunch specials and the anti-hangover soup and plates which will energize you and boost your mood for a great afternoon. Cheers to a weekend on a high note!

As usual, don't forget the number one suggestion is to go on a cultural tour / fun experience powered by Bucharest Vibes, find all of them here.

Enjoy the great times ahead of you this weekend!

Until next week,



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