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Bucharest Weekend Vibes: 30 August - 1 September

The summer of 2019 is slowly coming to an end but there is one more weekend left to celebrate!

Make sure to check both sections of the article and discover the best events to attend over the following days: the first section is highlighting festivals and ongoing events happening throughout the weekend and the second one is showing independent events for each day.

Pick and choose your favorite combination and most importantly: enjoy the weekend!

Main events happening all through the weekend:

Fall in Love Festival

The first edition of a brand new festival will be organized over the weekend, right outside of Bucharest, at the lovely Mogosoaia Palace. Saturday and Sunday the festival will bring the love to you with a colorful line-up of international and local artists and bands in a beautiful setting.

Fall in love with autumn right when it starts, the first weekend of autumn. Feeling. Expression. Chemistry. Passion. Romance. On stage, off stage, backstage. Come to a festival designed for sharing. Fall in love with music. Food. Drinks. Architecture. Friends. Fall in love with strangers. Fall in love with yourself. Fall in love with love.

Get tickets here in advance. (day ticket 119 lei, 2-day pass 179 lei)

For Facebook event click here

Nostalgia Party

If you're in the city and seek a crazy party in the street that will teleport you to a nostalgic Romanian past, don't look far outside of the old town, Interbelic Coktail Bar is organizing a "Back to school" themed party on Victory Avenue nr 17.

The party will start every evening at 18.00 Friday to Sunday Dress code: Nostalgia, Back to School

Nostalgia support: FRIDAY - 40 lei SATURDAY - 40 lei SUNDAY - Free admission

Tickets can be purchased on the evening of the event, from the entrance.

For Facebook event click here

Peasent Market - Craftsmen and merchants in old Bucharest

From Friday until Sunday between 10.00 and 19.00 the National Museum of the Romanian Peasant is hosting the weekend fair of traditional arts and crafts. Admission is free.

Over 40 collectors, craftsmen and artisans invite you to a unique world of art lovers and past stories. They bring canvases and carpets, old peasant costumes, jewelry and paintings, old books and porcelain, peasant furniture, dowry boxes, ceramics and icons and many more

Workshops will be organized for kids. Food options such as pork specialties and artisan cheeses, honey, fruits and vegetables, lemonade and donuts will be available.

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Independent events for Friday, Saturday and Sunday:

FRIDAY - 30 August

12.00 Parkour Jam Bucharest by: Attila Kiss at Mitropoliei Hill (address)

Everyone is welcomed to join a training that will end with a short Q / A session about parkour (business, social, leadership, comfort zone, limits, etc.)

For Facebook event click here

19.00 - 23.30 Preview Mauve Wine Experience at Acuarela (address)

A week before Mauve festival, part of the magic of the Tohani vineyard will be celebrated with live music, wine tastings, joy and color at Acuarela! Free entrance - book a table at +40745662889

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SATURDAY - 31 August

09.00 - 05.00 Enescu Spirit at Universul Palace (address)

A free event for everyone to celebrate the start of a new season of the classic music festival George Enescu. Many activities are organized at the coffee shop, botanical garden inside and outdoor area, invlovling art, music and NGOs.

For Facebook event click here

16.00 - 23.00 DHB Under the Moonlight at Dialogue MNAC (address)

It's an epilogue for an amazing summer season on the beautiful rooftop of the Parliament, at Dialogue MNAC. Get tickets online, in advance, here (cost 40 lei)