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Bucharest Weekend Vibes : 10 - 12 May

A rainy weekend is coming up after a week that felt more like November than May.

Today, the 10th of May, used to be celebrated with flower fights and royal symbols. The day was the National Day of Romania in the time of the Kingdom of Romania. 10 of May ment claiming the independence of Romania from the Ottoman Empire (10 May 1877), crowning of the 1st king (10 May 1881) of and celebrating his arrival in Bucharest (10 May 1866)

The crown of the 1st king is usually exhibited at the National History Museum in Bucharest. When the weather is gloomy, museums become a much more attractive weekend activity.

In the hope for sunnier Bucharest vibes the list of events for this weekend was initially focused on outdoor events. Unfortunately some of them got canceled, that's why you'll find safee indoor choices below!

Main events happening all through the weekend:

ReVino Bucharest Wine Fair

Wine lovers are invited for the 4th edition of the ReVino Wine fair in Bucharest. Between 11th - 13th of May 2019, the Wine Fair takes place in the same elegant setting of the Novotel Hotel, Paris Hall, Le Foyer and The Mezanin Terrace, on Calea Victoriei 37B, Bucharest.

The event is open for the public the following days only, the last day of the event is dedicated exclusively to the HoReCa sector: Saturday, 11th May, 12:00 – 20:00 Sunday, 12th May, 12:00 – 20:00

You can buy the tickets online or at the entrance:

ONLINE (click here to buy tickets)

Day Ticket: 50 lei

Two Day Ticket: 90 lei


Day Ticket: 60 lei

Two Day Ticket: 100 lei

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Europa Fest 2019

For 8 evenings, from the 10th to 17th of May, at 20:00, Ibis Nord Cafe awaits jazz lovers at concerts, jam sessions and extraordinary live performances with artists of the new wave from 15 countries: Australia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Italy, Israel, Japan, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Poland, Russia, the United States, Turkey and Ukraine.

Tickets cost 49 lei per concert and can be purchased here.

See the schedule over the weekend:

10 May DAN PAPIRANY TRIO | Israel, Australia, New Zeeland Dan Papirany – piano, Steve Wright – drums, Marsh Robinson - double bass GABRIELE AGOSTA | Italy - piano 11 May ENTROPY | Italy Marco Maltalenti – trompet, Paolo Corda – guitar, Marco Bande – piano, Edoardo Raimondo Meledina - double bass, Jacopo Careddu - drums ANOESIS | Australia Greg Stopic - alto saxophon, Alistair Johnston - tenor saxophon, Eitan Muir - electric guitar, Tomas McKeever Ford – double bass, Patrick Rogers - drums JAM SESSION 12 May SAYGILI AUTSCHBACH JAZZ DUO | Germany, Turkey Samira Saygili – voice, Peter Autschbach - guitar MASALA QUARTET | Russia, Ukraine Alexey Sukhov - tenor saxophon, Anna Beme – piano, Dmitrii Taranov – double bass, Ivan Avraimov - drums R.A.M.E. JAZZ 5TET | Italy Valentina Fin – voice, Giovanni Fochesato – saxophon, Mauro Spano – piano, Marco Centasso – double bass, Filippo Mampreso - drums JAM SESSION

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Prado at Happy Cinema

Only for this weekend the Documentary movie Prado, narrated by Jeremy Irons, will be projected at Happy Cinema. Friday to Sunday at 19.00.

The movie presents one of the temples of world art, a place of memories and world heritage with 1,700 exposed works and 7,000 other preserved ones. This collection speaks of kings, queens, dynasties, wars, defeats and victories, as well as the thoughts and feelings of men and women back in those days as well as today, people who's lives are interwoven with the rulers, painters, artists, architects, curators, intellectuals and visitors museum.

Happy Cinema is located inside Liberty Center, find the address here

Tickets can be purchased online - here.

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Independent events for Friday, Saturday and Sunday:

Friday 10.05.2019

18.30 - 21.30 Otello by Giuseppe Verdi at the National Opera (click here to see the address)

If you feel like spending a classy Friday evening, get the your tickets here

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22.00 - 05.00 - Basarabian Party at Gilda's (click here to see the address)

Dress code: Eastern chic. Contact for booking a table: 0786770941 /

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