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Travelers impressions about Bucharest

Updated: Jul 9, 2023

Have you ever thought of how many cities you've visually visited, just by looking at pictures of main landmarks? What are you looking for when you travel to a new destination? Where do you get your inspiration from? Imagine that our grandparents only learned about different countries and far away cultures through stories they've heared, but we have the opportunity to see so much more, even without physically traveling.

Everyone loves pictures and photography these days, since we live in the times of visually sharing our experiences. it's normal to be bombarded by thousands of pictures on a daily basis. Among all of those, I love to discover new angles of the city I was born in, and many times I'm surpised by the freshness and creativity of new perspectives that unveil familiar places.

I've been posting on Instagram for more than a year and #bucharestvibes became a popular hashtag with more then 3k posts. Among the pictures tagged with @bucharestvibes, I discovered some lovely impressions and dicoveries of travelers exploring Bucharest. I made a short list of favorite posts to share with you. They are either funny or educational or really pretty, anyway, they stand out and are worth sharing.

There is so much you can learn by looking through the curious eyes of a traveler who is discovering your city for the first time, or those of a local rediscovering it after living abroad for a long time!

Full text description on Instagram:

"Bucharest ❤ We’ve read a few times online that Bucharest is only worth spending a couple of days in. Max. Some people even describe it as a ‘grey’ city. Honestly I don’t know what those people were looking at or what they were did here. We’ve been here nearly 2 weeks & only just feel like we are starting to scratch the surface! There is just an insane amount of cool stuff to do & places to discover. We’re doing our best in the time we have, but we are already plotting a return... Where have you been that is completely underrated & turned out to be an absolute gem? Join our community! Tag us or use our hashtag #IChooseTheWorld so we can see your pics!"

Location: Acuarela Bistro

Full text description on Instagram:

"Day 30 of Bucharest 🇷🇴 During the 90’s, after the fall of the communist dictatorship, Romania gained a reputation for extreme poverty & hardship. These days its a different landscape. Regeneration & growth are taking centre stage with tech & tourism industries at the forefront. Bucharest & Romania in general is still to be touched by global tourism. But they are planning for it. It’s coming & rightly so. There’s a beauty to Bucharest that runs deeper than the pretty ornate buildings & delectable food. It’s in the people. In the culture. In the language. And you simply must go & experience it for yourself ❤️🌏 Guys we really hope you’ve enjoyed our 30 days of Bucharest feature. It’s been so much fun for us showing you around. Let us know in a comment if Bucharest is next on your travel bucketlist…✈️"

Full text description on Instagram:

"Travelling makes you realise how much there’s yet to see and to discover things you had never expected to see, and I have been lucky enough to have the last few years of my life dedicated to this sole experience… .

A cold evening in the quaint old town of Bucharest that I was exploring by myself, I came across this café which was basically an ode to the memory and mastermind of Vincent Van Gogh. .

They have played their own fair game also of creating mystery to how the first glance of the café is going to be, with the black curtains upon the entrance, and beyond that, it was nothing short of magic. .

Ceilings, walls and no space was left unturned or not plastered with portraits and duplicates of Van Gogh. It was like a flashback upon seeing and experiencing the same thing that I felt in Musee d’Orsay in Paris. Nothing short of speechless. .

And just when I thought it couldn’t be more perfect, soundless snow could be seen falling outside the well cosy room.I cannot guarantee if you will like Bucharest or not, but this small space was absolutely beautiful. ."

Full text description on Instagram:

"C A R T U R E S T I C A R U S E L

Just a lovely place to go in the old town & a lovely cafe on the top floor to 📚🍷"

Full text descritpion on Instagram:

"Welcome to Bucharest! You probably don't know this, but this city is perfect. It may have some traffic, but also perfect spots like this one right next to that crowded street, and that's all I need to see after a long day. It's cute and pretty, it's crowded but not extremely crowded and it has a bit of everything. People are friendly and overall, it's the safest city I've been to. .Let's have some fun. How would you describe your hometown in 1 word? Write your hometown and your word in the comments."

Location: Village Museum

Full text descritption on Instagram:

"The Village museum is like a real village. There are even churches and you can even visit them inside. That's one of the best way to get a fast tour of various cultural areas in Romania. Briliant museum."

Full description on Instagram:

"For those who love #graffiti. .Capture taken in Bucharest, Romania. ."

Where is the equality between men and women?

Full description on Instagram:

"Architectural treasure of a Neo-Romanian courtyard 🇷🇴"

Location: in front of Kretzulesu Chruch

Full description on Instagram:

"If I had a shot for every church I saw in Romania I would be drunk the whole time 🥃 . But I wasn't 😇 . I really loved all the cute small orthodox churches hidden between the buildings in Bucharest 😊 but this one is my favorite one! . Enjoy the weekend 💛💛💛"

Location: Carol Park

Full description on Instagram:

"Carol Park is slowly becoming one of my favorite parks in #Bucharest. Might not be very big, but the opportunities it presents for story telling are endless."

Location: Victoria Passage (umbrellas are up only during the warm season)

Full description on Instagram:

"Fortunately we found this hidden gem while we were walking at Bucharest, that amazing street full of colorful umbrellas 😍-"

Location: in front of the Parliament building - Constitution Square

Full description on Instagram:

"Bucharest: home of the worlds heaviest building. Bucharest’s vast Palace of the Parliament, begun during the final years of Nicolae Ceaușescu’s rule and not finished until 1997 (seven years after his death), is 240 metres long, 270 metres wide, 86 metres high (12 storeys), and cost a staggering €3 billion (£2.5bn) to build. It all adds up to an area 365,000 square metres, second only to The Pentagon as far as administrative buildings are concerned, and it has a volume of 2.55 million square metres, a shade more than the Great Pyramid of Giza. Inside you’ll find 3,500 tonnes of crystal, 480 chandeliers and 1,409 ceiling lights, while 700,000 tonnes of steel and bronze was used for monumental doors and windows. Guinness World Records recognises it as the heaviest building on the planet."

Locations: inside the Parliament building

Full descritpion on Instagram:

"📍Bucharest, Romania 🇷🇴 • Oct 2018 • Inside the largest building in Europe!"


Full description on Instagram:

"The legend says that the city has been named after a shepherd called Bucur, in love with a young woman called Dâmboviţa. Yes, just like the river that crosses the city."


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